Mature Undergraduates

St Edmund’s College admits around 60 undergraduates each October. There is no quota or limit on the number of students we can accept in any subject apart from Medicine.  We accept students for every course offered at the University of Cambridge including the Graduate Course in Medicine (A101). Students may be studying for their first degree or may be reading towards a second degree, these students may apply as ‘affiliated’ students to complete our course in one year less.

St Edmund’s College is one of few Cambridge Colleges that admits affiliated undergraduates wishing to read Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Information on individual courses, and on affiliate degrees, can be found on the University website.

Please note that if you are applying for Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences, or Veterinary Medicine, you must register for the appropriate admissions assessment by the relevant deadline. Please see the course website for more information.

Information about fees can be found on the University website. In particular, please note that home students studying for a second undergraduate degree may a higher fee and may also have to pay an additional college fee.