Director of Studies: Dr Kristen MacAskill

Course Overview

The Engineering course at the University of Cambridge normally lasts four years and leads to two degrees: BA (with Honours) and MEng. The first two years of the course are essentially the same for all students and aim to give a broad overview of the subject, covering mechanical and structural engineering, as well as materials, electrical and information engineering.

From the third year, the students are required to specialise.

Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET) is offered, in addition to Engineering, as a distinct course. At the end of the third year, the students qualify for a BA (with Honours). However, the programme is designed with a four-year structure leading to a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree. This is the academic qualification which carries with it accreditation by one of the professional engineering institutions as fully satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng). Students leaving after three years (which is extremely rare) would be leaving their professional education unfinished.

There is further information about the course on the University and Faculty webpages.

Entry Requirements

All applicants to the BA Engineering Tripos must hold, or be working towards, A Level Mathematics and A Level Physics (or equivalent). We do not consider Access to HE alone as adequate preparation for this course. Entry requirements can be found here.

Admissions Assessments

Candidates must register for and complete the Engineering and Science Admissions Test (ESAT). More information can be found here.

Please note that your performance in the assessment at interview will not be considered in isolation, but will be taken into account alongside the other elements of your application.