Applying to St Edmund’s College

All applications must be made through UCAS. The College cannot consider informal postal or email applications. If you wish to apply to St Edmund’s, the additional Campus Code in the UCAS system is ‘I’.

For students applying by the 16th October UCAS deadline, please be aware of the deadline for My Cambridge Application which is at 18.00 (UK time) on 23 October. We also require applicants in some subjects to register for an admissions assessment.

When submitting an application for an undergraduate course at St Edmund’s College, we ask you to prepare the following documents in addition to the UCAS form and the additional information form required by the University.

  • Copies of any UK A Levels or international equivalents (unless provided already)
  • Official transcripts of any degree qualifications
  • A CV to help us understand how you have spent time since leaving school. We do not assess on the basis of your CV but it is very useful in helping us understand your story.
  • An optional (but encouraged) further academic reference, preferably from a Teacher or Tutor who has taught you in the last eighteen months. This should be a different reference than the one on your UCAS form. If you have work experience which is directly relevant to the course you are applying for, you can submit a professional reference instead.

For students applying by the 16th October UCAS deadline, these documents are due by 5 November. The additional reference should be sent to the College directly from your referee on his or her institutional email address.

Applicants for the Graduate Course in Medicine (A101) must submit the course application form rather than the documents listed above.

We treat each application on its own merits, and all parts of the application are viewed holistically. Please note that under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, we require permission in writing from the applicant if another person is to deputise for them during the admissions process.

Further information may be requested by emailing