At St Edmunds we have been developing the Arts. Many of our students have performed in Art societies and directed plays while others have taken their passion to grow vegetables in our very own St Edmunds gardens. Much of the fun at St Edmunds is created by students themselves. We encourage you to organise the things you are passionate about!

We encourage our students to join the variety of clubs and societies across the university and in academic departments. At St Edmunds we believe having a healthy life balance allows students to excel in their academic studies and personal lives.

The freshers fair each October is a good place to see what is on offer throughout the University.

We have a wide variety of societies and clubs which run throughout the year. These include; chess club, painting, poetry, gardening and many sports societies. For a list of all St Edmund’s societies and clubs please visit the Eddies CR site. College members wishing to participate in sporting events or recreational activities or who have questions about the College sporting facilities should contact the Combination Room Sports Officer.

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