St Edmunds College will be your home while you study at Cambridge and where you will also be part of the College’s dynamic global community. The College is located at the heart of the city with a range of amenities close by.

“When I first arrived my tutor contacted me and we had a nice chat in the college café. I know if something goes wrong, there is always some one I can contact. I would describe the college as colourful because people are from different backgrounds. As people are from very diverse backgrounds there are a whole lot of stories to be heard and it’s really fun!”

Welcoming community 

The St Edmunds college is a warm and inclusive welcoming community. 85 countries are represented at the college making it one of the most diverse colleges in Cambridge. Our students come from interesting and often non-traditional backgrounds with varied experiences in academia and wider professions. The college offers you a vibrant space were you will have many opportunities to develop your current interests and explore more.

Informal College 

While studying at Cambridge may seem daunting we are pleased to let you know that we are an informal college. You will have the chance to meet and get to know fellow students, staff, fellows, tutors and supervisors in the café, dining hall and social spaces. Our fellow and tutors are here to inspire and mentor you. The college staff become part of your everyday life during your studies, the Porters who greet you at the Porters lodge, housekeepers and caterers who tend to your everyday needs. The friendly nature of our formal dinners allows students to share the same space as their peers and engage in interesting conversations.


Our excellent facilities include a dining hall, café, bar, Library, Garden room, music room and great gardens and orchards for you to enjoy. Take a virtual tour of the college.


For more information you can also see the Combination Room pages and for how to find us you can use the University Map