If you already hold a degree from another university, in the UK or abroad, you can study an additional undergraduate degree at St Edmund’s. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to study as an ‘Affiliate Student’, which means you would study the course in one year less than usual. For a standard undergraduate degree, this would mean that you would complete your degree in two years instead of three.

To apply to study a second degree, you must have achieved at least a 2.1 in your first degree. International equivalencies can be found here, by searching for the country where you were awarded your degree.

For some degrees, such as Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, you may also need to have achieved certain grades or studied certain subjects in your secondary school education.

St Edmund’s accepts applications from affiliated students for all courses except Architecture, History & Politics and History & Modern Languages. We are one of only three colleges that accept Affiliate Student applications for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

If you wish to apply as an Affiliate Student, you must apply to a specific College. You cannot make an ‘open application’ on you UCAS form. If you do so, then your application will be considered a ‘standard’ application and you will only be considered for entry to the entire undergraduate degree in your chosen subject.


Fees for Second Undergraduate Degrees

If you are taking a second undergraduate degree, your tuition fees may be different to the standard tuition fees.

If you have home fee status and are studying a second undergraduate degree in Architecture, Medicine or Veterinary medicine, the UK Government caps your tuition fee at £9,250.

For other subjects, for home fee students, the tuition fee for a second degree in the 2024-2025 academic year is £12,258. You will also have to pay an additional College fee, which for St Edmund’s in 2024-2025 is £11,700.

Your entitlement to student funding will also be different, so you should check with your regional funding body.

Students with overseas fee status should consult this webpage for information.

Further information can be found here.