Modern & Medieval Languages

Director of Studies:  Dr Emanuela Davey (Faculty of MMLL)

Course Overview

The BA in Modern and Medieval Languages is a flexible degree course, and offers the opportunity to study two languages from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, or to combine one of these with Classical Latin or Greek. MML graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers in a variety of fields, including journalism, the arts, marketing, law, finance, teaching and the Diplomatic Service; a small number become translators and interpreters.

There is further information about the course on the University and Faculty websites.

Entry Requirements

A good A-level (or equivalent) in at least one of the two languages to be studied is essential

At-Interview Assessment

Applicants invited for interview sit a written assessment on the day of interview. This assessment will last no longer than one hour, and will be similar in content and format to the assessment used by other colleges, prior to interview. Specifications for both MML and History/MML can be found on the University website.

In addition, candidates will have interviews in the two languages they wish to offer, including a spoken component in post-A level languages. Candidates may also be given a passage to read before the interview; this passage will then be discussed. MML interviews last about 25 minutes and focus entirely on the subject