Land Economy

Director of Studies: Dr Hannah Holmes

Course Overview

The Land Economy undergraduate degree is a three year honours degree programme which leads to the award of a Cambridge first degree (BA).  The Land Economy tripos focuses on law and economics, but includes aspects of the environment, business finance, and resource management.

Year 1 (Part IA)

Part IA provides the framework for later specialisation. You acquire a thorough grounding in the core disciplines of law and economics and are introduced to the multidisciplinary nature of the degree through four compulsory papers:

  • Economics

  • The Public Sector: Institutional and Legal Frameworks

  • Quantitative and Legal Methods for Land Economists

  • Land Economy, Development and Sustainability

Year 2 (Part IB)

Five papers are taken, including at least one paper from a choice of two on law, and select your other four papers from a choice of six. Current options include:

  • Environmental Economics and Law

  • Fundamentals of Finance and Investment

  • The Built Environment

  • Land and Urban Economics

  • The Law of Real Property: Principles, Policy, and Economic Implications

Year 3 (Part II)

Part II continues the work of the second year, with further opportunity for breadth or depth.

You’re required to take four papers chosen from a wide range of options which currently includes:

  • Law and Economics

  • Landlord and Tenant Law

  • Planning Policy and Practice

  • Land, Food and Ecosystem Services

  • Land Policy and Development Economics

  • Advanced Techniques in Finance and Investment for Real Estate

You also write a 10,000-word dissertation on any aspect of the Department’s work of your choosing.

There is further information about the course on the University and Faculty webpages.

Entry Requirements

Applications from mature students taking A levels or Access courses are welcome. There are no specific subject entry requirements for the course, although a facility with languages would be beneficial for students taking Part One of the Tripos. You will be asked to submit a piece of written work as part of your application. Entry requirements can be found here.