Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Director of Studies: Dr Sally Church

Course Overview

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (often abbreviated to ‘AMES’) is a course unique to the University.  The course is flexible, and numerous options and combinations are available. You should indicate which language(s) you’re interested in studying in the additional applicant questionnaire – the choice isn’t absolute and some students change direction before they start or as they progress.  You can study Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese or Persian.

There is further information about the course on the University and Faculty webpages.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific subject requirements requested by the College, except for if combining with a European language. In the case where you are combining with a European Language, and A Level (or equivalent) in that language is required, and you will also be required to sit the College registered MML assessment.  Entry requirements can be found here. The best preparation is for you to explore for yourself what interests you in the culture you choose to study.