We accept a range of qualifications from across the world. Our typical minimum offers and entrance requirements follow the University’s guidance, both for UK qualifications and international qualifications.

There are some qualifications which are frequently studied by mature learners that we can give some more detail on:

Access to Higher Education Diploma

These are typically taken in a single academic year and so candidates are strongly advised to apply for the later March deadline if possible. Access Diplomas are particularly suited for arts and humanities courses at Cambridge as well as the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos. Access Diplomas on their own are not sufficient preparation for our science courses: candidates are encouraged to combine an Access Diploma with an A level.

CertHE/Foundation Year

A Certificate of Higher Education is equivalent to the first year of a degree (120 credits at level 4) and can be excellent preparation for a degree Cambridge.

These are often awarded at the end of a university Foundation Year (including the Cambridge Foundation Year), can be studied as a standalone qualification (e.g. with the Open University), or can be awarded as the result of combining credits (e.g. two undergraduate certificates from Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education).

Some students come to us having studied a year at another university. Whilst we are happy to consider such requests, do note that we cannot transfer credits and students will have to start our courses from the beginning of the first year.

Portfolio of qualifications

Many applicants have a mix of different qualifications which they have taken at different times and with different organisations. These can be great preparation provided that at least some of the courses are recent and relevant, and we would be happy to help students who have queries over their qualifications.

Hear from current students

Watch the video to listen to our students discussing what has brought them to St Edmunds.